Contact Form: 1A 1C

Contact material: Sliver Alloy

Max. Switching Current: 60A

Outline dimensions: 26*26*25mm


ZS888512ZS888512   ZS888525 ZS888525ZS888500  ZS888506ZS888506  ZS888499   

It could be used on the car heater, air conditioners, speed limit signal control, motorcycle alarm system.

Contact Form

1A  1C

Contact material

Sliver Alloy

Max. Switching Current


Max. Switching voltage


Ambient temp.

-40℃ to 80

Outline dimensions


 Mechanical Life

1*1000000 ops

Ordering Information


Outline Dimensions and Bottom View: 28*28*25.5mm

MAH dimension

Wiring Diagram

MAH wiring

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