How to find out the pressure and flow of the solenoid valve

Working pressure difference refers to the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the solenoid valve that can be reliably opened and closed. It is the key to whether the solenoid valve can work normally. It is also the first consideration when selecting. It can be based on parameters such as process pipeline conditions. Combine the selection samples of solenoid valves for selection.

The selected rated working pressure of the solenoid valve is too high, which will increase investment, but the selected rated working pressure is too low or close to the actual medium pressure. The solenoid valve will cause accidents due to insufficient material strength during operation. In addition to safety issues, the choice of working pressure is also related to whether the solenoid valve works normally. The working pressure generally uses the highest and lowest upper and lower limits to determine its reliable working range. Otherwise, the solenoid valve will not work reliably under the influence of medium pressure.

The size of the medium flow is related to the diameter of the solenoid valve or the size of the seat. If the diameter of the solenoid valve selected is too large, it will cause economic waste and increase installation costs. However, if the diameter is selected, there will be more problems. For example, it will limit the flow through the pipeline and cause a large pressure loss to make the system control The effect is reduced, and the control accuracy of the system decreases or loses control.