When you talk about relays and valves ,will you recember so

When you talk about relays and  valves ,will you recember somethings?

Think about what the industry attributes are for relays and water valves.For example, when people think of skin care products, they usually think of moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle and so on.So, what do we associate with relays and water valves?Or, when we think of anything, we think of relays or water valves.

This question needed to think?I think it is so funny.

My answer as following:

1. When mentioning water valves and relays, think of product parameters such as 12V, 24V, 10A, 40A, 70A, or SPST.

Material, silver alloy, PP,POM

3. Certificate, UL,TUV,CQC,VDE, IS45001...

4. Use range, air conditioner, PCB board, automobile, water dispenser, etc.

5. Relay is equivalent to a switch. The word "switch" also reminds me of water valves and relays, which control the opening and closing of water and the switching on and off of electricity