What is the action of magnetic valve of machine of clean wat

What is the action of magnetic valve of machine of clean water electricity

  1. The water purification solenoid valve and the high-pressure water pump are connected in parallel on the computer board. When the water is produced or washed, the water purification solenoid valve is opened and the high-pressure water pump works;In standby, the inlet solenoid valve closes at the same time the high pressure pump stops, the inlet solenoid valve is to make water or open the water when flushing, and in the automatic ultra-pure water machine standby or power failure to close the water, so as to achieve the purpose of not wasting water in the pure water machine is not working.

    water purification solenoid valve


    2. The main role of the water purification mechanical magnetic valve is to control the water inlet. When working, the water inlet electromagnetic valve opens to let the tap water through;In the shutdown time, close the solenoid valve, cut off the tap water, so as not to waste water often flow.The ohmic value of inlet solenoid valve is about 90.You can measure it with a multimeter.In this way we can know whether our solenoid valve is working properly