Our new products of ME100-S-1A-F

Our  new products of ME100-S-1A-F

Power relay is a device that can produce a jump in one or more electrical output circuits when the input (or excitation) meets certain prescribed conditions. Suitable for : Air conditioner, Washing machine, Heater,Micro Oven,Dish washer.

I will show more infortions to you:

1) Contact load: 26A/250VAC;31 a / 250 vac (cos phi = 0.8) 0.1 s: 10 s

2) Mechanical life: 1x106 times;

3) Electrical life: more than 3x104 times (26A/250VAC resistive load 75℃ 1.5s: 1.5s);

We have strong technicial team.we can develop new product of relays every year,I know many clents is so pay attention to supplier's reach and develop ability.