Contact Material: Silver Alloy

Max. Switching Current: 30A

Rated Voltage: 5, 6, 12, 24, 48, 110 VDC

Unit Weight: Approx. 80g

Double Coil Magnetic Latching Relay



Intelligent meter, Intelligent capacitor (reactive power compensation cabinet), Intelligent switch, APF active filter 

Latching relay :

Contact MaterialSilver Alloy
Contact from:NO
Max. Switching Current30A
Coil methodDouble Coil
Coil PowerApprox. 1.7W
Unit WeightApprox. 80g

The withstand voltage between coil contacts is 4KV

Insulation resistance1000 M Ω 
Action time≤25ms
Reversion time≤25ms
PIN terminal


Rated Voltage5, 6, 12, 24, 48, 110 VDC


*30A contact switching capability
*Sealed type and flux proof type are available
*Printed plate type lead out, quick connection type

Dimension And the Wiring Diagram:


MPZ-S-224-A-T A dimension MPZ-S-224-A-T A wiring

MPZ-S-224-A-T C dimensionMPZ-S-224-A-T C wiring

What is the Magnetic Latching Relay:

    In the magnetic structure widely used by latch relays, a single pulse of current on the coil briefly generates an electric field that causes the reed switch to move in one direction or the other. When the pulse stops, the latching relay will hold the electromagnetic in the position to which it just moved, and will not return to the opposite position until another redirected pulse passes through the coil and moves it again.

    In addition to providing the lower power draw common to all latching relays, magnetic latching relays are particularly useful in applications where interrupting coil current does not have the undesirable effect of moving the switch to different positions between two contacts.

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