Model Number:MLQ-90-109-B-L1-R

Max. Switchig Current: 100A

Max. Switchig Voltage: 250VAC

coil Power: about 1.5, 3W

Brand Name:Meishuo

Model Number:MLQ-90-109-B-L1-R



  1. 90A specification

  2. The voltage between coil and contact is 4KV

  3. Environment-friendly products (RoHS compliant)

  4. Apply to Smart meter, smart switch, smart capacitor (reactive power compensation device)


MLQ-90-106-B-L1-R 2 size

Wiring Diagram:

MLQ-90-106-B-L1-R 2

What's the magnetic latching relay?

Magnetic latching relay is a new type of relay developed in recent years. It is also an automatic switch. Like other electromagnetic relays, it can automatically turn on and off the circuit. The difference is that the normally closed or normally open state of the magnetic latching relay is completely dependent on the action of the permanent magnet, and the switching state of the magnetic latching relay is triggered by a pulse electrical signal of a certain width.

Magnetic latching relays are divided into single coil and double coil. 

MLQ-90-109-B-L1-R of the magnetic latching relay can reach 90A; the control coil voltage is divided into dc9v, DC12V, etc., and the general electrical life is 10,000 times; the mechanical life is 1 million times; the contact voltage drop is less than 1mV. Therefore, it has the characteristics of power saving, stable performance, small size, large carrying capacity, and performance better than general electromagnetic relays.

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