Liangjian Yun Study Online Reward

Liangjian Yun Study Online Reward

My friends, do you remember the news that MEISHUO started to encourage employees study online on Liangjian Yuan App, to improve our knowledge and ability?

We always use our spare time to learn knowledge consciously, improve our theoretical knowledge and work efficiency.

In Liangjian Yun App, we can not only learn new knowledge and new technology, but also review the knowledge we have learned in the past.

In addition, in order to better improve the quality of customer service and work efficiency, we will study and discuss the problems in the work, and put forward our own opinions and methods.

In order to encourage everyone to study actively and improve themselves, MEISHUO will also reward the TOP 3 people who have the longest monthly study time.

Last month, three colleagues from our department won the honor.

I hope you could also continue to study, work hard to improve yourself and meet a better tomorrow.