5.21, Happy Cyber ​​Valentine's Day

5.21, Happy Cyber Valentine's Day


At the beginning of the 21st century, the Internet world quietly raised a network festival spontaneously organized by hundreds of millions of netizens—Cyber Valentine's Day. 

This is the first fixed holiday in the virtual network world, scheduled for May 20 and May 21 every year, because the homonyms of "520" and 521 "are" I love you "

According to the difference between the sounds or pictographs of "0" and "1", 520 is mainly a festival for women, and 521 is a festival for men. 

Men can choose to confess "520" (I love you) to his wife, girlfriend on May 20. May 21 is the day to determine the answer. The moved women should remember to answer her husband, boyfriend with 521 ″ (I am willing, I love you). 

Therefore, the “Cyber Valentine's Day”on May 20 and May 21 each year has also become the auspicious day for couples to get together to register for marriage and hold a grand wedding banquet.

On the day of the festival, online purchases became successful, and offline marriages gathered together. 

The news about "520" was swiped in the circle of friends, not only the show of love between couples, but also the sales promotion battle of merchants. 

The Cyber Valentine's Day set off a wave of red envelopes and gifts, and it became a national carnival. A big new folk custom.

MEISHUO hopes you also have a wonderful Cyber Valentine's Day.