Tips to beat the summer heat

Tips to beat the summer heat

In summer, the weather is clear and hot, with the highest levels of solar radiation and ultraviolet radiation.So how do you cool down in the workplace?The following is a little knowledge of summer heat control for your reference, please do a good job of heat control measures, pay attention to health.


Replenish water but drink less.

In the beverage such as juice, cola, Sprite, soft drink, contain more saccharin and electrolyte, drink much can produce undesirable stimulation to gastric bowel, affect digestion and appetite.Therefore, the summer should drink more water or light salt (sugar) water.

Two, do not drink after thirst.

After sweating a lot in labor, it is not suitable to drink a lot of white water. Some light salt (sugar) water should be added appropriately, because after sweating a lot, people's body loses too much salt. If salt is not added in time, the proportion of water and salt in the body is seriously unbalanced, leading to metabolic disorder.

Three, prevent bask in dress small clever move.

The time with the strongest solar short-wave radiation is 10 -- 15 o 'clock or so, when high temperature, should avoid this period of time as far as possible go out to work, if want to go out to work, should wear shirt of long sleeve and summer dress with light color had better, the color is lighter, absorb heat less, also cooler.

Four, after the night shift should not drink too much.

The human body in the summer by the influence of air temperature accumulation of dampness and heat, and excessive heat is the cause of skin ulcers, carbuncle swelling, if a lot of alcohol, will help heat wet, is no different from adding fuel to the fire.You wake up feeling sick and more sleepy.

5. Avoid a light diet.

Sweat after summer labor job is much, physical ability is used up big, should eat chicken, duck, lean meat, fish to wait for nutrition food appropriately, in order to satisfy the metabolization need of human body.

6. If you feel any discomfort (such as dizziness, stomachache, etc.) in the process of labor and operation, you should stop working immediately, go to the shade to rest, and work on duty after your body returns to normal;If you still feel unwell after recuperation, seek professional medical personnel for help. If heat stroke occurs, organize treatment in time.

Don't "cool" quickly after being heated.Hot sum