Proposal for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Proposal for Epidemic Prevention and Control  


In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, protect the health of the company's employees, and support the smooth development of the company's work, the following initiatives are now issued to all employees:

1. We must attach great importance to the epidemic, publicize and explain epidemic-related information to relatives and friends, raise the awareness of prevention of ourselves and relatives and friends, and take good care of ourselves and family members.

2. Pay close attention to your own physical condition. If you have fever, cough, or respiratory infection symptoms, you should avoid contact with family members and colleagues, wear a mask when touching, and go to a regular hospital in time.

3. Effectively strengthen self-protection, develop good hygiene habits and lifestyles such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, and not gathering together, minimize unnecessary gathering activities, and avoid going to crowded places.

4. Pay attention to safe and healthy diet,

Let us take action, do a good job of prevention, protect ourselves, and protect others.