How much do you know about Meishuo's core values?

How much do you know about Meishuo's core values?

What is "people-oriented"?

The simple explanation is: in the management mode, it can be defined as humanized management.

The basic characteristics are respecting people, serving people, and developing people, these three categories.

1. Respect people: To win the respect of others, one must first respect others. Similarly, the charm of our company lies in its ability to respect, understand, and care about people to the greatest extent, and use humanized management to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of every employee in the company, and provide continuous vitality for the development of the company.

2. Service person: the interaction between the leader and the employee, the employee and the employee: not only let the employee be familiar with the development status of the enterprise, understand the difficulties of the enterprise, and be familiar with the leadership's good intentions; but also make the leader familiar with the employee's work status Only in this way can we truly realize the status and value of "persons" in the company by understanding their inner needs and you.

Change and innovation

What is "change and innovation"?

Literal meaning: get rid of the old and unreasonable parts and start new things

The core of enterprise change is innovation, and the success of innovation comes from change management. There is a saying: change may fail, but change will definitely fail. If the corporate organization grows slowly, internal problems will easily emerge one after another, and the external operating environment will change (global competition, environmentalism, government regulation, the prominent role of robots in the industrial chain, and the rapid development of high-tech space technology). All require companies to adapt to the surrounding environment.

"Change" is: survival of the fittest, natural selection of things.

"Change" is: of course, forced by the situation.